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Primordial Strike : Inflicts 900,000 Physical damage in a cone in front of the caster.

Frontal cone cleave ability never stand infront of him if you are not a tank.

Malformed Blood : The target's blood becomes malformed, inflicting 10,000 Nature damage every 3 sec. and causing melee attacks to Congeal Blood, inflicting 20,000 additional damage to Living Fluids and Viscous Horrors. This effect stacks.

Tanks gain this debuff which helps with killing the adds.

Mutated Abomination : Primordius is heavily mutated and resists attacks from non-mutated creatures. Damage taken from non-fully mutated players is reduced by 75%.

Not much of a point dpsing the boss before you get mutated.

Evolution :  When Promordius is mutated by enough Living Fluids , Mutagenic Pools , and his natural mutation rate, he evolves. Evolution increases all damage dealt by Primordius by 10% and grants him a new mutation. This effect stacks. Priomordius can have 4 mutations in Heroic Difficulty.

As fight progresses boss gains more abilties from the unkilled Living fluids reaching him.


Ventral Sacs : Sacs located around the frill will periodically erupt, inflicting 22,000 Nature damage to all enemies every 1 sec.

Gas Bladder : A volatile mutation that allows Primordius to spray Caustic Gas , inflicting 2.000.000 Nature damage split evenly between all players within a 25-yard radius.

Acidic Spines : Fire Acidic Spines every 3 sec. inflicting 110,000 Nature damage to all enemies within 5 yards of the targets.

Pathogen Glands : Inflicts 1200,000 Nature damage to the target every 1 sec. for 10 sec.

Metabolic Boost : A hyperactive metabolism allows the caster to use abilities more often and increases attack speed by 50%.

Erupting Pustules : Erupts every 10 sec., showering the area with corrosive blood that inflicts 200,000 Nature damage within 3 yards of the impact.

Living Fluids

Mutate Primordius ; If a living Fluid reaches Primordius, it is absorbed , increasing Primordius`s current mutation level.

Mutagenic Pool : When a Living Fluid dies, it leaves behind a Mutagenic Pool that can mutate primordius or players.

Mutagenic Pools

Thick Bones grants a 5% increase in all stats.

Clear Mind grants a 10% increase in Mastery.

Improved Synapses grants 10% increase in Haste.

Keen Eyesight grants a 10% increase in Critical Strike chance.

Fragile Bones reduces all stats by 10%.

Clouded Mind reduces Mastery by 20%.

Dulled Synapses reduces Haste by 20%.

Impaired Eyesight reduces Critical Strike chance by 20%.

Those are the buffs and debuffs you gain by walking over the mutagenic pools (when u get mutated and u walk over a pool you will get a negative debuff)

Volatile Pools

Volatile Mutate Primordius : When Primordius steps on a volatile pool , it is absorbed, increasing Primordius Current mutation level to its maximum and healing Primordius for 10% of his maximumhealth.

Volatile Mutate Player : When a player steps on a volatile pool, it is absorbed , inflicting 200,000 Nature damage and causing a harmful mutation. If a mutated player is dispelled, all mutations are removed.

Viscout Horror

Black Blood : The target's blood becomes malformed, inflicting 20,000 Nature damage every 3 sec. and causing melee attacks to inflict 20,000 additional damage to Primordius.

Deadly Mutagen : Erupts in a shower of mutagenic energy, inflicting 999,999 Nature damage to all enemies and instantly killing the caster.

Make no Viscout Horror reaches the boss. It will wipe the raid.

Tanks  : 3

Due to the Viscout Horror its advisable to get a 3rd tank so you will never have issues with picking it up when it spawns resulting an instant raid wipe.

Healers : 7

There is a lot of raid healing required so 7 healers should be a good amount to deal with the raid damage.

Dps : 15

In this fight a good amount of multidotters may be usefull to kill the Living Fluids while rest of players are Mutated.


Enrage : 8 minutes

This fight is pretty straight forward. You need to kill Living Fluids , get mutated and then swap to dpsing the boss.But lets get into a bit more details about different stuff happening in the fight.

At beggining on fight i would suggest assigning specific dps(1-2) on each Living Fluid spawn so each player gets mutated as soon as possible. After that its a good idea to have 3-5 multidotters to keep killing adds spawning opposite side of where the boss currently is so when other players mutation is over they will just pick new buffs and get tranformed fast! Goes without saying that the best time to use heroism/bloodlust is when everyone is mutated .Make sure you will not walk over pools when you are mutated so you will not gain a debuff. If you do when ur mutation is over ask for a dispel.

Some things about tanking , one tank starts tanking the  boss the other one starts with black adds, have DPS help kill the first black add since the tank will not have debuffs to help him doing more damage on them, then swap positions when the second add comes (third tank can help picking up adds so they dont run to boss and wipe the raid) and you can just make a rotation like that.Make sure while tanking primordius to kite him away from the volatile pools(purple ones) or he will heal for 10% if he walks over one.

Last things that need to be mentioned is how to deal with his mutations and other abilities. Its imprortatnt that most of the raid stays around him in a 25yard radius to deal with  Caustic Gas else it is very likely there will be deaths . Also its important to stay spread so his aoe targeting abilities wont hit more than 1 person. Healers make sure you track Pathogen Glants , this debuff needs a lot of healing for its duration. Also make sure noone else besides the tank is standing infront  of him because his Primordial Strike (cone cleave) might be deadly to a non tank raid member.

  Death Knight by Razie

-Dont use your army at pull. Boss takes 75% reduced damage till you are mutated. Either use it while you are mutated or use army to kill your living fluid faster.

-Getting symbiosis and putting your mushroom in a spot at the room thus applying your diseases on the fluids will help more pools to be available for when mutations are over.

  Hunter by Rogerbrown

-While nuking the boss, always try to identify the small adds that don't have enough dots to kill them off and are ~20% hp. Kill Shot them before they reach the boss.
-Because of our no-penalty movement, try to get into a position that most people won't go for when trying to soak Gas Bladder while spreading out for Acidic Spines. Usually I found the positions close to the wall being empty.

  Shadow Priest by Artzie

-Spread your dots as much as you can
-Choose twist of fate and halo

  Warlock by Sparkuggz

-Affliction is good for helping the raid kill oozes constantly, while destruction is very high boss damage if you Rain of Fire the room and spam Chaos Bolt's into the boss. Unbound will can help you remove bad debuffs on this fight.

  Rogue by Noxe

-Feint works against all boss mutated abilities.
-Sprint and Shadowstep help with logistics.
-Make sure not to stand in front of the boss.

  Resto Shaman by Sonie

-Found it the most optimal to just stick on tanks and proc Ancestral Awakening of off them since everyone is way to spread out.
-Spec Totemic Projection so that you can move your Spirit-Link into the melee camp without having to walk over to them.