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Hearthstone Beta Preview

Or is it a beta review? Or impressions? The nomenclature for these things is a mess! Anyway, I've been playing a lot of Hearthstone recently, starting with the US beta a few weeks ago that Blizzard very kindly gave us access to, and I thought I'd share some thoughts on it.

First off, my credentials - I've been around the world of card games for quite a long time, obviously starting in RL with Magic and dabbling in all manner of other ones. More recently I've tried out quite a few online ones, mainly SolForge, Scrolls, Card Hunter and the probably best one out there at the moment, Duel of Champions. Having these and more under my belt makes me fairly confident I can competently speak about Hearthstone - so let's get to it.

Is it any good?

Yes. Very much so. It's probably the closest Blizzard have gotten to making a true Blizzard game since WoW (or, if you want to get technical, WotLK). It's pure, it's polished, and it achieves its main theme quite easily - and that theme is fun. There's basically no reason everyone shouldn't try it out, and very few reasons everyone won't love it. There is only 1 major and 1 minor problem, and then there's the financial model. The big problem might really threaten the game's longevity and might turn a lot of people off after a certain time, and the financial model is currently in flux but could end up a bit of an issue, and I'll get to all that later.

The Core Elements

I'm not going to detail everything here, just the important parts that stand out and comment on their interesting aspects. Also, obviously this is all based on experience from the beta and I haven't fully studied all the cards, but I feel I have a pretty good grasp on the game as a whole.

The Classes
There are 9 classes, each with a Hero ability you can play each turn for 2 mana. These range from abilities you build your deck around, that are very tactical and require difficult decisions to be made (Shaman, Warlock, Paladin, Rogue) to always useful ones that give you more tactical options but won't turn a game around that often (Priest, Druid, Mage) and simply boring ones with little or no decision making necessary that you simply use whenever you have spare mana (Warrior, Hunter). Each class also has its own set of cards and then there's a set of neutral ones that can be used by any class. You unlock all the basic cards by level 10 (which can be reached in an hour or so) and the expert ones come from boosters or the crafting system (which I'll discuss more later).

The class system brings a lot of variety to the table and pretty much every class has a really recognizable style, but there are still plenty of possibilities to build unique decks within a class that are very different from each other. The best thing about them is that the game encourages/forces you to play almost all of them eventually, with daily quests requiring 2 wins by a specific class - meaning you'll play with your basic cards, get a feel for the class until you win 2 games, and then you'll usually end up liking it and making a custom deck for the class yourself. This way you're constantly pulled in and want to see more and play more.


The Financial Model
This was a bit of a sticking point at first, but it's very much in flux at the moment. Basically your only real source of gold, and with it progression, are daily quests. Let me just break down the costs and gains quickly:

1 booster (5 cards) = 100 gold = 1.5$
1 arena ticket (guaranteed to get at least 1 booster and 20ish gold) = 150 gold = 2$
1 daily quest = 40 gold
1 win = 1 gold

So, as you can see, playing the game to earn gold to get new cards or enter the arena is completely pointless after you finish the daily quests. Now, there's a bit of an issue here since Blizzard have been experimenting with this - at the start it was only 1 daily quest per day, then a few days ago it was 2 and now it's back to 1. Put simply, if they decide that it will be 1 quest a day you're going to have a very hard time getting new cards without spending real money. So let's all hope they settle on the more humane 2 quests a day which actually works very well as far as progression goes and at least gets it into a comparable position with other CCGs out there.

A big issue here will be achievements, which aren't implemented in the game yet. It will have an achievement system and there will be rewards associated with them but not much else is known. If they manage to put in enough of them and give them at least some gold rewards then the progression system will work just fine. Even the most basic ones like "Win 5 games in a row" or "Play/win x games" with relatively small gold rewards would make progression much more dynamic.

The Arena
My favorite feature of the game, the arena is a draft style mode where you buy in, pick one of three random classes and then get to make a deck by picking 1 of 3 cards that are presented to you. You do this 30 times and then your deck is done and you can play against others in the arena - until you either lose 3 matches or win 9. Rewards get better the more you win, obviously, and at 9 wins you get around 300 gold, a booster and some arcane dust (for crafting).
This is the one you're really going to want to play - there is no advantage given to people that buy a ton of cards - although you can still get lucky while opening these mini-boosters of 3 cards and get to pick 1 from 3 legendaries or epics etc. (card qualities are common, rare, epic and legendary). You don't get to keep the cards you play with, obviously.

Even opening up rewards from finishing the Arena is fun!

This was another of my favorite things about the game when it was announced, but I've since changed my mind. Basically you can disenchant any card into arcane dust and craft ANY card in the game. The ratio is variable, 4:1 for epics and legendaries, 5:1 for rares and 8:1 for commons - so you'll need to dis 4 epics to craft 1 epic or 8 commons to craft 1 common, etc.

This brings us to the first problem with the game.

The Problems

Crafting and the grind

Continuing directly from the core elements - the crafting system could be a problem. When the game was announced it seemed like a great idea. You can throw away your excess cards and make whatever you want. The problem is that the nature of collectible card games is, well, collecting. The crafting system turns opening a new booster, something that is supposed to be exciting and interesting - because you either get to see new cards or are desperately hoping for one of the few cards you don't have yet - into a "already seen all those, in total this booster has gotten me 70 arcane dust" type of attitude. Let me explain: in the first 2 boosters I got in the beta I got a legendary card. It was pretty great and all, but then I toyed around the crafting system and noticed that I could disenchant it for 1600 dust. To give you some perspective, common cards cost 40, rare 100, epic 400 and legendary 1600 to craft. Now this was probably an error and currently you get 400 for dissing a legendary, but that's not the point. After dissing it I went over a TON of cards to see what would be best for the several decks I had. I realize some people will read all the cards immediately anyway and even know them all by heart before they ever see them in their collection, but it still bugged me. After you craft a few cards that sense of "whoah, what the hell is that card my opponent just played or i just opened in a booster" immediately goes away and you are in a different mindset, you'll look over all viable cards for your deck so you can spend your dust wisely. Even at the current rate, if I get a legendary in a booster I'm definitely going to disenchant it because I can make 10 commons or 4 rares with it - and at this early stage that's a LOT better than 1 card, however powerful it may be.

But the real issue with the system is that it turns collecting into grinding. Other games allow you to give away extra cards, but there you get the game's main currency, so you buy more boosters and keep hoping for those specific cards you want. In Hearthstone it could feel like you're just grinding away, you need 20 more commons of any sort for that 1 rare you need or 5 rares of any kind for that 1 rare you need. This may not be an actual problem for some people, in fact they may prefer this system - I certainly thought I would until I got a chance to  think about it for a while. I suppose it's really just about whether you like that feeling of opening a booster and FINALLY getting that damn card you've been looking for for so long, or when you're just starting out, that feeling of discovery as you turn each card around to see what it is in a booster. As I said, this one is minor and may even be a plus for some people, but the next one...isn't.

Do you like games of chance?

Randomness. It's one of the things I hate most about card games. You plan your deck, think about the metagame, get ready to play, and then draw the biggest pile of crap of a hand you've ever seen while your opponent gets the perfect start. Or: you positioned yourself perfectly, played amazingly, you're winning in the next turn and your opponent has no cards in hand and none on the board. Then he top-decks the 1 card in his deck that can beat you. If you enjoy things like the above then you'll LOVE Hearthstone. Now, the above isn't the issue here at all - those things are inseparable from card games as a concept, they come with the territory and you have to accept them in order to play.

Bafflingly, Hearthsone decides to add another layer of randomness on top of that. This, I fear, might be the death knell of the game for me after I've played it for a large enough amount of time. But what am I even talking about? Well, it's very simple - there are many, many cards with random effects. Deal 1 damage to 3 random targets. Deal 2-3 damage to all minions and each minion gets a separate roll. Summon a random beast. And on and on. Now, a few of this type of card are actually fine - there is flavor to them and they just "feel" right. Arcane Missiles is a good example, as it really carries over the spell's look and feel from WoW. The Shaman's hero ability is another good example - he summons a random totem and each has its own advantages. Those work, but only when they're very limited in number. Unfortunately this isn't the case. The best example I have is playing an Arena match: my opponent basically had me dead next turn with 2 minions that had 7 health combined. I played a card that does 1 damage to 8 random targets (including the hero) and I managed to kill both of his minions, winning the game. I didn't feel good about that win, in fact I was pissed, but nowhere near as pissed as when I'm on the receiving end of the random bat. Another example is the Shaman spell that does 2-3 damage to all minions - but then inexplicably rolls that range for each minion individually. So you have four enemy minions, two have 3 life and two have 1 life. And then your spell does 2 damage to the 3 life ones and 3 damage to the 1 life ones and you proceed to lose the match and, subsequently, break your keyboard. How can that be good design? How can adding completely arbitrary outcomes that the player has no control over be interesting or fun? And it's not like you can simply choose to not play with these random cards yourself, as your opponent will always have some and a lot of them are fairly important and too powerful to simply pass up.

Adding even more randomness to a card game is simply a terrible idea. The only reason I can think of for them including it is that they ran out of ideas to vary the cards without making them more complex. For now it's tolerable, but the more these stupid random insta losses happen, the more I hate the game and eventually I'm sure I'll have to give it up.

The Longevity Issue

After a while it dawned on me the game is specifically designed to be played a fairly short amount each day. With the daily quest system in place and very little progression options outside it (for now) the game basically tells you you shouldn't ever really play it more than 1-2 hours a day. But I realized that's on purpose. With games as short as 5 minutes and the longest taking around 15 it was built to be a quick fix, a burst of fun whenever you have a few spare minutes. Smaller deck sizes, only 2 of the same card per deck, everything is pushing players towards a quick, enjoyable session: play a few games, get your dailies done and then come back tomorrow. And it works. It works really, really well.

Given the limitations of "easy to learn", "accessible" and "not as complex as other card games" they've put in place for themselves there might be some concern about longevity. With 30 card decks there isn't that much you can experiment with compared to other CCGs, and it's possible the game might get stale after a while. The crafting system certainly doesn't help any, and people that like to just make their perfect deck and then stick to it for a long time will get to that deck far too quickly. On the other hand, there are measures in place to prevent this - the class system is very efficient in diversifying your interests, especially with the daily quests constantly pushing you to try new things. The Arena also keeps things interesting in the long run, as you'll always be playing with a different deck in there and you won't be able to predict any kind of metagame.

The big question, however, is whether Blizzard will be adding complexity over time. When new expansions come out, will the game get more complicated and require more of its players? It seems like a very difficult proposition to keep adding the same relatively simple level of cards over a longer period of time, but that's way in the future, and I have to say that the game as it is now is plenty complex.

In Summary

Hearthstone is definitely the best online card game available. Even with it's intentional lack of complexity and focus on accessibility it still manages to keep you coming back and it still manages to be interesting and varied. Blizzard's usual polish is all over it and even though I'm not much of a style over substance guy, it just works. Colorful is what the style is constantly called, and it's intended to be something of an insult in certain circles but if a fairly cranky, old-school, hardcore gamer like myself finds it actually charming, then colorful can't be such a bad thing.

From the cheery unique sound effect each card has when played that lets you know exactly what card it is without even looking at the screen, to the meaty effects when attacking with a minion with 7+ attack, the feeling of the game is just right. There is simply no reason not to give it a try and even if you think it looks like a kiddie game or have given up on Blizzard recently, I have to urge you to try it out when it's out - the Arena is almost worth the price of admission alone (and considering the price of admission is 0 there are even less reasons not to give it a try).

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    reporter37 2015-07-04 06:39:20 UTC — Why try to change user behavior App but can not change user behavior?
    Editor's note: The author Nir Eyal wrote psychology, technology and business of cross-content articles on Imagine a scenario. When you walk into a busy department store, someone Air Jordan 2 Nike Air Max walked into your money to reach out to you: '? I ask can you give me some change by bus,' If this man is not a beggar, but a doctor do? As part of the French study, the researchers wanted to know, just by some special scrutiny, then if they can change the way people give much money to Nike SB a stranger. They found a simple and effective way to get people to give double the money. Change the words not only increases the people's money to strangers take the bus, but also effectively improve the charitable donations and volunteer survey participation. In fact, a recent study comprising 42, analyzed more than 22,000 participants pointed out that the request can finally get people attached a word recognition, so that the possibility of doubling involve accepting requests. So, the researchers found the magic words what is it? That is, 'but you can choose to accept or reject.' The request demonstrates skills, if we are convinced that freedom of choice is more likely to be persuaded. This effect not only in the face to face interaction was observed, but also in e-mail exchanges. Although the study did not directly concern the products and services on how to use this method, but the study provides some perspective to guide the company has operational influence user behavior. 'I want' or 'have to' Dr. Jesse Schell Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University, studied the psychology behind people's entertainment. Served as CEO of his own game studio outside, Jesse Schell took decades of painstaking research why people spend a lot of time playing 'Angry Birds' or 'World of Warcraft' play ecstatic, rather than time to do them something else, such as their daily work or fill in tax returns. Communication Entertainment (DICE) summit in this year's design innovation, Jesse Schell described the behavior is a 'want' vs a 'have to' differences. Jesse Schell believes that the difference between what we want to do and you have to do between is the 'difference between work and play ...... ...... constraint and freedom between efficiency and joy.' In addition, Jesse Schell is convinced that self-awareness key to enjoying some experience lies. Jesse Schell points out Edward Deci and Richard Ryan of research, their 'self-determination theory,' confirmed the view that individuals choose to keep a key requirement for the initiative. Unfortunately, too much 'deliberately' products failed because people feel they are 'forced' people obliged to do, rather than what they 'want' to do. Jesse Schell points out, neuroscience research shows 'the brain have different channels to seek a positive outcome and avoid negative consequences.' When faced with 'forced' Our brains they identified as punishment, so we use the shortcut, cheating escape way, or in many cases App or Web page, or click on anything else we unload them so far mastered that uncomfortable feeling. Why it works so selectively, in a French study fees buses. Why remind people that they have freedom of choice in such a way proved to be effective? The researchers believe that 'you are free to choose,' this sentence lifted our instinct for doing what was asked resist. If you've ever complained about your mom told you wear a jacket or in your boss for you when 'micro-management' feel the blood pressure rises, then you experience what psychologists call 'resistance' psychological, for your autonomy hairs erect threatening reaction. However, when a request is accompanied by a choice of recognized psychological resistance does not occur. It is an act of people from thought 'had' freed, so that they feel that this is a kind of 'I do.' However, the principle of autonomy and resistance can be applied to the product to make it change behavior and Air Jordan 2 create new habits? Here are two examples, but of course, you can make your own decisions freely. Counting calories in order to establish good nutritional habits for example. Search in Apple's App Store, 'diet' will appear 3235 App, all of which promise to help users lose excess weight. Listed first is MyFitnessPal, its iOS App evaluated by more than 350,000 people. A year ago, when I decided to lose some weight when I installed this App was attempted. MyFitnessPal very simple to use. It requires dieters to record what they eat and, based on their weight loss goals shows a calorie value. In some days, I stick with the plan and intention to enter every food I ate information. I have to pen and paper food information, MyFitnessPal can be a nice improvement. 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Social identity is that we all desire, Fitocracy use this common user needs to lead a health portal, providing new tools and features that meet the needs of users to create new habits. Fitocracy user's choice and therefore becomes a choice in the existing way of doing things the old way and tailor-made solutions company between. Conclusion To be fair, MyFitnessPal really intent to keep the user's social features. However, with Fitocracy not the same, the characteristics of its community interaction appears to be too late, or even simply not appeared. Obviously, in many healthy companies, and now say which will win is still too early, but the fact Nike Basketball remains that the majority of our time successfully change the behavior of millions of users daily technology company, is People who do not require the company we use. Probably, some attractive peek a few minutes on Facebook or on the ESPN website to score is to achieve a fully autonomous moment - one is the boss and co-workers do not do things away from relief. Unfortunately, too many companies manufacture their products betting users will do what they should do or must do, rather than what they want to do. They did not change the behavior because they neglected to make their services themselves pleasing, they often require users to learn new, unfamiliar behavior rather than past habits become simplistic. Conversely, those who successfully change behavior presents itself to the user is that the way they do things in the old and the new, more convenient for a solution to the existing demand among the subtle choices. Allowing users to retain the freedom to choose the right product will be able to promote permanent change to accept new habits and behavior. 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By catering to existing habits, products more chance to change the user's behavior, because after a time, they allow users to have more complex behavior and new habits. Unless noted, articles are original or compiled site, please indicate: articles from 36 Krypton
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    wengli 2015-06-11 07:27:16 UTC — Emotionless Dividend Growth Investing

    I embarked on a strategy of regular, consistent position accumulation across a basket of high quality, wide moat dividend paying stocks late last year. This portfolio is intended to accompany my existing dividend portfolio, which currently throws off close to $25,000 in dividend income annually. Dividend Accumulation will be my primary method of investment going forward, The intent of the strategy was to drown out the periodic noise that happens in any portfolio in relation to ad hoc, seasonal trends in stocks. It was also to some of the guesswork out of what and when to buy based on price.

    I've selected stocks that I believe have significant competitive advantages that lend themselves to an enduring moat that will be difficult to breach, and which should be increasing in intrinsic value over many years. In part, I've been motivated by some Seeking Alpha commentators who have mentioned that they have bought positions years ago, and just sat on them and never sold them, leading to positions that are up over 100 fold.

    As a practical matter, the way that I am implementing this strategy is to invest several thousand dollars every quarter across a basket of some 30 stocks, and buy these stocks in one shot. I have selected a lower cost brokerage that allows me to do this very cost efficiently, but there are now numerous brokerage tools that make bulk order execution efficient. My primary criterion for stock selection was the existence of a dividend (naturally) paid by a wide moat company. I also set some targeted yield requirements and a minimum return on equity criterion of 15%. Finally, selected companies had to have a consistent dividend paying track record. More details on the filtering criterion can be found here. Bancorp (NYSE:USB), Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC)

    Basic Materials (7%) Nike Air Max 2010 Mens Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM), ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP)

    Diversified Industrials (3%) General Electric (NYSE:GE)

    Q1 Purchase DetailsIn Q1, I invested $2,000 across this basket of stocks, which followed an approximately $1,500 purchase in Q4 of 2014. I am aiming to invest between $2,000 and 2,500 in my dividend accumulation fund every quarter.

    The portfolio of stocks that I have created has had a favorable return versus the S 500 index which I'm benchmarking against, year to date. My Dividend Growth Accumulation Fund has returned 1.1%, versus a 0.5% return in the S 500. The fund has returned 2% since its inception on 11/21/2014. At present, my Dividend Accumulation Fund has an effective yield of 2.2%, with a P/E ratio of 21.49.

    I made my Q1 2015 purchase on March 26th, when the Dow was trading around 17,659.

    Yield and Valuation Highlights of PositionsAt my purchase point, the effective dividend yield in my fund was approximately 2.2%, implying I added roughly $44 of annual income for the quarter. Of Nike Air Max 2010 Mens course, this looks a fairly trivial amount, but I hope to accumulate roughly $200 of forward dividend income over the year.

    I was able to purchase individual positions at a fairly broad yield spread and a wide range of P/E points.

    The most favorable positions that I purchased from a dividend yield standpoint were ConocoPhillips and Verizon, which were purchased at dividend yields of 4.7% and 4.5% respective. Apart from these positions, I had several other purchases above 3% dividend yield, which included Exxon (3.2%), GE (3.7%), Microsoft (3.1%) and P (3.1%). The least favorable as far as yield was concerned was Costco (0.9%), Disney (1.1%), Nike (1.1%), Lowe's (1.2%), Moody's (1.3%) and CVS (1.4%), which were positions below 1.5% yield. Costco was the only position below my minimum desired 1% yield. The inclusion of a handful of lower yielding positions is a deliberate strategy of mine to attain strong dividend growth over time, via a combination of higher payout and strong organic growth.

    More interesting were the spread of trailing P/E ratios among the various positions. Yum Brands was the only one over 30, coming in at a level of 34.2x earnings. The lowest P/E ratios of the positions I purchased were Exxon and ConocoPhillips, which both had P/E ratios of just 11.3x earnings. I had a number of positions that had P/E ratios of less than 20, including Comcast, CSX, GE, J Microsoft, US Bancorp and Wells Fargo.

    Receiving Objective community feedbackI had the opportunity to write up on Seeking Alpha many of the individual transactions that were done and the approximate price points, and one of the general points of feedback that I received was that the valuation at which the positions were being purchased maybe too high. I myself had similar concerns and was hence was trying to find optimal points during the quarter Nike Air Max 90 at which to buy.

    As a test to see how reasonable the valuation points were that Air Max 90 I was accumulating, I checked the positions I had purchased against Morningstar's ranking system, which suggested that my portfolio blended average was 2.9 stars, out of 5 stars on valuation, which suggests a portfolio that overall is pretty close to fair value.

    Interestingly, the worst position that I bought over the quarter from a valuation perspective appears to have been Church Dwight, which had just a 1 star rating, while purchases of US Bancorp, Exxon, P GE, Yum and Amgen all had 4 star ratings. Tellingly, no purchase was done at a 5 stars.

    Strategy ConcernsWhile I didn't have any material concerns around my basket of wide moat payers, I was starting to question my decision to include ConocoPhillips in my portfolio. With the price of oil experiencing extreme volatility, my fear here was that a lower price of oil may hurt Conoco's ability to sustain a moat given it has some reserves that are at the higher end of the cost curve. I don't have any plans to take any action on this position, though I do wonder if I have overestimated Conoco's moat and whether this is a position that can be comfortably accumulated for the next 10 years without any fears of value impairment.

    Church Dwight was another position that made me momentarily second Nike Air Max 2012 Heels Womens guess what I was doing, given it seems to be trading at a very high premium to valuation, hence the 1 star rating. Ordinarily, if I was buying a specific position, Nike Air Max Humara Mens I would have avoided buying Church Dwight, however what I have attempted to do is pick my business first and buy regularly. My expectation is that at any point, I will have some positions that are purchased under fair value and some above, but over the long term, individual over and under valuation will balance out.

    Concluding ThoughtsOverall, I was fairly pleased with the set of purchases that I have made, and, broadly, the valuation at which I was able to buy my basket of companies. During times of very strong markets with high valuations, having the ability to stick with a strategy and purchase in the face of what appear to be expensive prices has proven a bit of a challenge. Going forward, I'd like to just automate the buying and choose a fixed day of the quarter on which to make my purchase, such that I can avoid all manner of market timing and trying to predict the best valuation points.

    Nonetheless, I still remain positive on broad based wide moat dividend accumulation as a strategy and expect to keep pursuing this.
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    smile 2015-05-21 07:25:35 UTC — Obama said the United States met with African leaders and Xi Jinping's visit to Africa is a coincidence

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    handsome 2015-05-11 07:35:40 UTC — A Majority Of Dolphin Species Live For Peoples Were Designer Burberry Outlet Nike Site Officiel Removed To The West

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  5. Starym's avatar
    Starym 2013-09-11 19:25:30 UTC — Just finished a game where my opponent played Ragnaros who randomly targets an enemy and deals 8 damage. After 4 straight turns of him randomly destroying EXACTLY the 1/4 or sometimes even 1/6 things that could prevent me from winning the game I lost, of course. I think that "eventually" in the article might be much sooner than I thought. I really want to punch the designer who thought random was a good idea, I REALLY do.
  6. Starym's avatar
    Starym 2013-09-11 13:54:21 UTC — @Starkheaven The 30 deck limit has 2 purposes I think: the first is to keep the tempo of the game aka basically hard limit games to 15 mins max (I actually had a few "long games that ended with both me and the opponent decking out and dying from the damage). The second is to keep things simple. When you have variable deck sizes beginner players tend to make worse decks and add a lot of stuff in just because - so it's keeping things easy and a bit more "fair" so that skilled players don't get yet another advantage. Personally I think that's a crappy idea but at least it's straightforward and it does even the playing field somewhat.
  7. MrPopu's avatar
    MrPopu 2013-09-11 12:28:55 UTC — I remember when I had opened a full display of Magics hoping to find some mythic cards.
    Expensive but completely exciting ! I hope this crafting system will not ruin the fun of having new cards :/
  8. Starkheaven's avatar
    Starkheaven 2013-09-11 08:40:58 UTC — I totally agree with your opinion. This crafting mechanic is ruining the point of the TCG. When I played actual live TCGs back in the day the absolutely BEST feeling was opening a new pack and I bet I would still feel the same way to this day :D. Randomness has its good and bad sides, I personally don't mind randomness as long as it is well introduced. They went completely overboard with these cards. Also 30 cards per deck is just too damn little. I also think you should be able to have a variable number of cards in your deck (40-80 for example). Why would you limit to a specific number? Pointless. They amount of different cards they have now is also very little BUT I'm sure Blizzard will come up with expansions, patches etc. like they do with other games, giving us more awesome cards.

    Overall, I really hope your review is seen by the game designers and they are open to feedback so the game can improve.

    Crafting? BLIZZARD PLS ??!?!
  9. Starym's avatar
    Starym 2013-09-10 18:27:10 UTC — This isn't the thread to post answers in....
  10. Mitar Skoro's avatar
    Mitar Skoro 2013-09-10 18:24:17 UTC — In Short: Randomness, Financial Model and Crafting System and Game Longevity.

    In a wall of text:
    Basically 3 problems are mentioned: Currency model and crafting system, Randomness, and Game's Longevity (designed to be very short). The currency gain system discourages playing the game, giving little to no reward for playing more then just "daily quest". A problem regarding randomness in card elements comes second, because it makes people angry/sad/mad/pissed when they cannot control the outcome of the game and all is given to chance. Then comes the problem of the crafting system, which takes out the fun out of opening decks in a CCG which is the whole point of it, thus the word "collectable". It turns the game into a grind fest, changing the mindset from "WOW i got these new cards" into "Okay that is 70 arcane dust, i need 80 more to make my card". And finally addressing the issue of game's longevity, the game is designed to be played for a small period of time, which is obvious, because you are getting little to nothing for playing and winning games, matches are also very short, most lasting only 5 minutes. If more complex cards were to be added it might be better.