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Darkmoon Faire Reloaded - That's how it looks like in 4.3

The Road to Darkmoon Faire

I never really cared about the Darkmoon Faire and to be honest it was kind of suspicious to me.
I thought about doing the Insane but the Shen'dralar caused a huge lack of motivation.

Anyways, with the help of my US account I copied a premade Holydina, equipped with Tier 12, to the PTR (my own character copy took way too long or she is just too gimpy) and roamed around in Orgrimmar.
At the Flight Master, I met a girl wearing a green dress. She wants me to travel to the Darkmoon Faire in order to find Gelvas Grimgate. She offers me a port to the old Faire's ground in exchange of 30 silver. This month, it is Mulgore. Since it doesn't seem to be inferior Goblin technology, I trust her and accept the offer.

Upon arriving in Mulgore, I discover a small place with a fire-spitting Blood Elf, a juggling Tauren lady and a moaning (male!) Draenei. The latter one prompts me to leave the place hurriedly by clicking the portal in the middle of the place.
The successful escape grants the first achievement and I find myself in a gloomy environment that somehow reminds me of Day of Tentacle.
Since Darkmoon Faire Island seems to be a non-flying zone, I rummage around in my stable for the Raven Lord which you obviously get for free on the PTR.

A quick look on the map reveals that I have to go south. But also signposts show me the way to the fairground so that even I can't get lost.

A Warm Welcome and Sensory Overload

The Darkmoon Faire welcomes its guests with spectacular fireworks and I encounter the guys from Mulgore again. But this time, I'm not going to flee. I want to stroll around the Faire. I have no idea how to get out of here anyway (except using the Hearthstone).
There's a hustle and bustle on the fairgrounds: Vendors cry their wares and attractions, artists showcase their work and all types of animals cross my way.
But I don't allow myself to be deterred (yet) and make my way straight to the quest giver in order to receive my first prize tickets.

I pass a sandbox with sandbox tigers, cannons, jugglers, construction areas and various vendors (Aimee from Dalaran). 
Gelvas rewards me with about 2 gold, 5 prize tickets, 75 reputation with the Darkmoon Faire and  a "Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide". I have no idea yet what this Guide is for.

Transmog(r)ification and Heirlooms

Right left to the quest giver you can find 3 armor vendors, selling Heirlooms and the old Vanilla Dungeon Sets (0 and 0.5) for transmogrification. There are no class restrictions or stats so you are free to choose within your armor class.
The Replica Dungeon Sets cost 55 or 75 prize tickets depending on the item and Heirlooms 110 or 160 prize tickets.

L90ETC and the Same Old Story Every Day (?)

Suddenly, a certain Michael Schweitzer announces the upcoming Tauren Chieftains concert, beginning in 5 minutes. I MUST see this! I go south to the docks and discover the stage on the right hand side. The guys seem to have made it to level 90 since a banner marked with "L90ETC" hangs resplendent above the stage.
Later that day I find out that the concert takes place every hour. If you prefer a private audience, you are still free to use Direbrew's Remote.

After all that pleasure I have to earn some money and prize tickets. But where to get them? WoW fans will know: Dailies! I accept all quest for now.

We have profession quests which grant you 5 skill points, prize tickets and game tokens. Unfortunately, it's not a daily, but a monthly. You can only turn it in once a month and then you have to wait for the next Darkmoon Faire. There are quests for the primary professions and the secondary professions (Archaeology, Cooking, First Aid and Fishing).

I did my Jewelcrafting quest first, collecting shiny things and grinding them to gems. The Enchanting daily that requires you to collect 6 discarded weapons and disenchant them.
The reward includes a Darkmoon Game Tokens which are required to play the following "mini-game dailies":
  • Whack-A-Gnoll that surprisingly requires me to whack Gnolls that come out of kegs
  • He Shoots, He Scores! that requires me to fire off bullets at certain targets. I have to hit 25 targets in 30 seconds. Once the time is up I have to try again. However, the points aren't wiped, so I just need to earn the missing points.
  • the Humanoid Cannonball in which I am the cannonball and have to hit a bullseye placed in the water. Being absolutely unerring, I miss the target but it counted anyway.
  • Target: Turtle that requires me to land three rings on a turtle.

The game tokens can also be obtained by a vendor.

On the fairgrounds I meet the strongest woman alive. I am pretty utterly impressed. She isn't as I showcase my /flex.
She wants me to colllect 250 Grisly Throphies that can be obtained in appropriately-challenging dungeongs, battlegrounds and raids. Okay, that's what the Adventurer's Guide (Do you remember?) is for.

Mountain o'Mounts

Since I don't feel like doing it now, I continue exploring the Darkmoon Faire and discover a pet and mount vendor. I am gasping for air steadily repeating "Awwwww!". There's a Dancing Bear Mount, a Forest Strider Mount and 6 pets (Monkey, Tiger Cub, Turtle, Balloon, Zeppelin, Tonk). I want them all! I want them now! But the vendor is pretty adamant and wants me to pay 90 tickets for each pet and 150 tickets for each mount.
If you cast your fishing rod into the Darkmoon waters and if you are lucky you can fish up a tiny seahorse floating in a bubble. The perfect pet for me as a Paladin! But since my fishing skills are pretty low I only fish up vendor trash and leave it at that.


After 2 days of exploring the Darkmoon Faire, I can only say that I really like it a lot. And by far I haven't discovered all options yet: New achievements, new quests, a petting zoo with exotic animals (where you can increase your jumping skills ), a PvP arena in which you can fight your own faction, a battle arena for tonks, numerous vendors, attractions and loads of details and allusions that made my day. I also love the Faire's environment with its gloomy atmosphere.

We have compiled a gallery in which you can find some more Darkmoon Faire pictures. Enjoy!


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    EnanoMaldito 2011-11-14 21:42:01 UTC — omg Day of the Tentacle was such an amazing game!!!

    And glad to see they renewed the Faire, in the ~6 years that I played the game I had never felt the urge to visit it, so it's good to see it refreshed.