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Starym's Corner: E3, Update - Destiny Gameplay!

Update 5: And finally, Destiny gameplay! Also, the PS4 seems to have won E3. Now let's all start praying for a PC version of the Bungie FPS pseudo-MMO.

The short trailer
And the actual gameplay session:

Update 4: So, other stuff happened, I suppose Watch Dogs and The Division might be interesting, but I can't get over that Dragon Age nonsense. Take another look at that image below - remind you of anything? So, a vaguely nordic-looking helm with a dragon head/skull in the middle of it, an open world game + the Warcraft 3 intro cutscene. And I just now realized - you play an Inquisitor, a morally ambiguous dark character that hunts monsters. I wonder which 3 game audiences they are aiming at, HMMMMMMM. Popular well-selling RPG mash-up, ho!
I understand this is EA and all, but I feel confident in calling it now: Bioware time of death 10.06.2013.

Update 3: The DA3 Trailer. Also there's some new sports games, I guess. Maybe.

Suggestion for the tagline: "Just when you thought things couldn't get more's DA3!"

Update 2: Titanfall confirmed for PC! Also the Dragon Age 3 Cinematic was revealed and it's basically the Warcraft 3 opening cinematic. Spoiler alert: it will suck.

Update: The Titanfall, Dead Rising and Below Trailers!

Titanfall Gameplay:




And for the rest check out this page.


Update: And the Microsoft press conference is over, with a ton of Xbox One exclusives announced. The only ones that actually looked interesting were Dead Rising 3, which had some serious open world, crazy gfx hundreds of zombies on-screen at once action. But I was fairly ok with not ever buying the thing, despite a fair amount of exclusives...that is until the last game announcement. We've heard a lot about Respawn studios' new game for EA, with the similar name to our favorite never to be released MMO, namely Titanfall. And, well, it's good. VERY good. I mean it's still a CoD-like shooter, but the setting and added mechs to the gameplay, not to mention the mobility while outside the mechs. I'll post the trailers up as soon as I can find some!


So, Starym's Corner then. This is where I'll just be talking about usually random non-WoW or Blizz related things that seem interesting to me and trying to get you guys interested in them as well. I thought I'd start today since it's the big day of E3 with all the press conferences and all the publishers showing off their goods to us, a lot of them for the first time! Depending on how into gaming in general you are, E3 can really be a fun thing to watch, whether it's for the trainwreck presentations on stage (hi Nintendo!) or actually interesting new games that show up for the first time.

This year is particularly exciting because we get to see a lot of brand new next-generation console games (mostly from Microsoft, as Sony have already shown a lot of theirs on their PS4 announcement event). Now hold on a second, it doesn't matter that you don't have a console or hate them and are a proud member of the PC Gamer Master Race - these are interesting/important because they show us what games in general are heading towards (for good or bad). Now that they're finally going be be unshackled from the chains of 8 year old hardware, even the PC versions of the games will look much, MUCH better as they won't just be the console versions+, not to mention we should get other improvements like better AI and perhaps even new game mechanics.

So, the whole thing will be streamed live and you can check out the schedule here. It starts around 19:00 CET.

Later on we get to see a full gameplay trailer for Bungie's new MMO Destiny, which we've already talked a bit about, so that's my highlight for now, aside from the new games that will be revealed. The whole thing is pretty fun to watch so I definitely recommend checking it out. Also, feel free to talk about the new reveals below!

  1. Maerlim's avatar
    Maerlim 2013-06-12 01:57:59 UTC — No mention to the new pok√©mon type revealed: Fairy
  2. Sxeros's avatar
    Sxeros 2013-06-11 21:19:05 UTC — Watch Dogs sum up:

    - November 19th 2013 (NA), November 21st 2013 (EU)
    - XBox 360, XBox One, PS3, PS4, PC, WiiU
    - You can be just as sneaky as Sam Fisher or brutal as Bruce Willis who puts guns blazing, which ever floats your boat
    - Free to download version for tablets
    - There's no dogs :(

    - You can invite other players into your singleplayer mode to help you out.
    - Mess with your buddy and stop him achieving his objective by controlling the whole city
    - Matchmaking favors friends
    - Cross platform, any platform vs any platform
    - More multiplayer information coming later this year.

    All in all, really looking forward to this title and it definitely is one that I'll buy and play out.
  3. Nessaj's avatar
    Nessaj 2013-06-11 16:29:50 UTC — The Division looks great, definitely going to be giving that a shot.
  4. DarnnREM's avatar
    DarnnREM 2013-06-11 15:22:38 UTC — @Sxeros meth.. wait what I mean coffe , COFFE!
  5. Sxeros's avatar
    Sxeros 2013-06-11 15:14:08 UTC — Soooo... could someone be a little Einstein and invent a way for me to not require sleep for rest of the week? Too much stuff going around, too little time at hand.

  6. DarnnREM's avatar
    DarnnREM 2013-06-11 11:37:38 UTC — I'm getting pretty excited about Destiny tbh. Looks like mix of Halo, Mass Effect (that hunter? looks tottally like biotic Quarian) and STALKER , but good mix. Only if we'll be given enough of freedom, and there will be good rng factor (out of totally random mission in the hell pit you can find super-awesome looking weapon or armor f.e) I'm totally in. Fingers crossed for PC version, aint gonna buy console just for this ;/
  7. eoy's avatar
    eoy 2013-06-11 09:00:09 UTC — Destiny looks like super fun, really have to pray that it will be announced for PC like Starym said!
  8. Starym's avatar
    Starym 2013-06-11 00:03:55 UTC — So far I'm glad I don't have any need to buy any of these to continue praying for that Destiny PC version announcement......
  9. Liq's avatar
    Liq 2013-06-10 23:27:59 UTC — Xbox One has Killer Instinct as an exclusive... Damn it! I want Killer Instinct.
  10. Mancy's avatar
    Mancy 2013-06-10 22:21:34 UTC — the evil within looks like a proper badass game