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5.3 Brawler's Guild Changes Recap

MMO Champ have listed some of the changes coming for the Brawlers Guild in patch 5.3 and obviously the first one is more bosses as well as more ranks (8 new bosses at the two new ranks and 12 optional ones to be exact)! The others:

  • Card Trader Ami will sell you cards that allow you to fight bosses from ranks you have already defeated.
  • Defeating some of the new bosses will give you access to some of the new Brawler's Guild shirts.
  • Defeating all of the new bosses will give you the Wraps of the Blood-Soaked Brawler.
  • A new VIP lounge has been added on the zeppelin circling the arena for Rank 8 players. The Alliance also have a VIP lounge in the balcony.
  • Reaching Rank 9 will give you another invite to the brawler's guild.
  • Reaching Rank 10 rewards access to purchase the Brawler's Burly Mushan Beast.
  • Spectator totems and consoles have been added to give you a better view of the fight.
  • The Alliance fight pit floor has been raised to make it easier to view the fight.


And the big one is the spectating improvements:


Man that second boss (Hexos) looks insane to play. Brawler's guild is an amazing single player activity and is only getting better, I have to say it's one of the best new additions in recent WoW history.

And an older preview from Lore:


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