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Patch 5.2 Gear Guide

The guys over at Wowhead have gotten together a guide for all the different way you can upgrade your gear in the new patch, as well as listed all the drop locations and the gear itself. Now, while this is obviously interesting for those planning to gear up, it's also good info to keep in mind while following the Heroic progress race, as there are some gearing decisions to be made for the top guilds. Will there be trash farming, how big of a role will alt gearing have considering Ra-Den's limited tries and so on. Here are the highlights from the guide and you can check the whole thing here.

  • Bosses drop ilvl 502 gear on LFR difficulty, ilvl 522 gear on Normal difficulty, and ilvl 535 gear on Heroic difficulty.
  • To keep farm bosses interesting, Thunderforged items have a low chance to drop that are six item levels higher than regular drops. Thunderforged versions can be found for all items, save for tier pieces, on normal and heroic difficulty.
  • You can also get a full set of ilvl 522 gear between Shado-Pan Assault and crafted items.
  • Shoulders, waists, necks and boots appear to be trash drops (links to confirming comments). Trash drops can have thunderforged versions, and heroic trash items can be found on the BMAH. Some weapons may also be shared boss drops or via a bonus roll.
  • To learn more about tier gear and set bonuses, our Item Sets section has been updated to include all versions of Tier 15 and Season 13 itemsets.

If you're looking to get ilvl 480 for Tier 15 LFR, here's what can bolster your ilvl:

  • The chance of getting loot from Tier 14 raids has been greatly increased and LFR satchels can include lower ilvl versions of trash epics. You can acquire up to 20 Elder Charm of Good Fortune a week now to use on your Tier 14 bonus rolls--they can easily be looted from Trove of the Thunder King around the Isle of Thunder, and also from killing various new rare spawns and doing dailies.
  • Reputation Gear. Costs have been reduced by 25-50%. This can net you some 489 or 496 gear.
    • Shado-Pan, The August Celestials, Golden Lotus, The Klaxxi have had their gear costs reduced by 50%. Items now cost 625 - 1125.
    • Operation: Shieldwall and Dominance Offensive have had their gear costs reduced by 25%. Items now cost 937 - 1312.
  • Shado-Pan Assault sells ilvl 522 necks at Neutral reputation for 1250, so fly on over to Ao Pye and get an upgrade.
  • Malevolent PvP gear now costs Honor Points. This can get you some easy ilvl 476 armor and ilvl 470 weapons.
  • Oondasta is meant to be a tough world boss, but drops ilvl 522 gear.

If you're looking to get Valor Points to buy Shado-Pan Assault epics or some of the old discounted pieces, here's what you can do:

  • Run Tier 14 LFRs. There are five sections and each gives 90 the first time you run it.
  • Run Heroics. Your first random dungeon of the day is 80 and subsequent ones are 40. In addition, several dungeons in 5.2 award more Valor Points because they take slightly more time/effort to complete:
    • Siege of Niuzao Temple: 5 bonus Valor Points
    • Scholomance: 10 bonus Valor Points
    • Shado-Pan Monastery: 15 bonus Valor Points
  • Run Scenarios. Your first random scenario is 40 and subsequent ones are 20. In addition, the following scenarios in 5.2 award 5 more Valor Points because they require more effort: Brewmoon Festival, Greenstone Village, A Little Patience, and Theramore's Fall
  • Run Challenge Modes. While this may seem daunting at first, you can get 60-80 Valor Points for simply completing the daily challenge mode, and then an addition 55-85 Valor Points if you rank at Bronze, Silver, or Gold respectively.