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Farm the Red Riding Cloud In Under An Hour (Lorewalker Exalted)!

The Red Riding Cloud of the Lorewalkers is quite a pretty mount. Unfortunately, the faction requires you to do dailies that involve archeology to raise your reputation with them. If you are like me and avoided digging in the dirt like the plague like me - but still want that shiny disk - then I have good news for you!

If you complete the achievements for finding each lore object you will receive a quest item in the mail. You then take this item to Lorewalker Cho, who will tell you a story (about a minute long each) about your artefact. Handing in all those items will push you over Exalted very easily. Shazam: The shiny mount in under an hour, without even touching a dirty pile of earth.

How you are supposed to find everything, you ask? Easy: BlizzPlanet has made some awesome maps. Yellow stars are lore objects, red stars are other achievements in the neighbourhood. Take care: One is hidden in the caverns below the Veiled Stair.

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    Karsten 2012-10-08 05:51:10 UTC — Then you're missing atleast one. I did it on a Night Elf (so I don't get the rep bonus from a Human) and had one artefact over after reaching Exalted. Did you check your achievements if you got all "Discover XX of XX lore objects" ones? There are two tricky ones. The one below the Veiled Stair and the one in The Emperors Valley, where you have to go underground into the room with the traps.
  3. Stinghill's avatar
    Stinghill 2012-10-07 23:00:37 UTC — Did them all, and now Im 24 rep away from exalted :S
  4. Tripping's avatar
    Tripping 2012-10-07 20:21:21 UTC — I don't know if its been fixed, but 'Trapped in a strange Land' in Townlong Steppes wasn't showing if you were in the phase after doing the quests in the area around the scroll. It was simply a phase issue, as I was able to read it on my alt before I did the quests. This was in the first week of MoP so it could have been fixed