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Luumis Served Vodka: New Beginnings

I’m sorry readers, that it’s been over two weeks since my last update, but I had a lot of things to attend to in real life before progression starts. With MoP less than a week away, there have been a lot of new changes happening around vodka. For starters, we are extremely pleased to announce our sponsorship from Razer!

Yes, it’s true! vodka is now a part of Team Razer! It’s truly an honor to be able to work with Razer; their standard of excellence is something that we in vodka strive for and so the match felt just right. You can definitely look forward to new content coming from out guild such as video logs, giveaways, class guides, and much more!

New Digs

The exciting Razer sponsorship aside, we have finally gotten around to updating our website. You can now head over to keep track of our progression, check out our logs, see the latest media releases, and a whole lot more on our new website. Huge thanks to Geegee, Cev, James, and the Officers for putting such a great site together in such a short amount of time.

End of Days: Recap

This week was finally the last week that we farmed Dragon Soul. If a guild cleared it every week since launch, that would make it at least 44 weeks of farming the same bosses week in and week out. That’s about 85% of a full year where we had no new content, which is far too long for a tier to last. I remember joking very early this tier how we’ll be farming DS for a year since MOP wasn’t projected to be released until the autumn of 2012. Sadly, my prediction made in jest came true. The pain, however, is finally at an end, and I figured it was a good time to look back at Dragon Soul.

In terms of difficulty, it was probably the easiest tier of the expansion. There was no huge roadblock of a boss like Heroic Ascendant Council or Heroic Ragnaros. Heroic Spine was probably the hardest encounter, but was trivialized by guilds stacking legendary staves from double Firelands lockouts a week or taking class stacking to the next level by working with other guilds. While bosses like Yor’sahj, Hagara, or even Blackhorn could have been really difficult, every boss was cleared on the first day of heroic raiding except for Spine and Madness. There were still ways to cheese your way through raid mechanics. For instance paladins could still heal tanks on Yor’sahj if they beacon healed through a pet. Another prime example was being able to avoid all raid damage or gibs from double charges on Blackhorn if you tanked the adds inside of the cabin. Both of these examples were reported to Blizzard, but no changes were made.

An important part of a raid instance is the epic feeling that one can get from the bosses. Some of my more epic raiding moments include the first time I attempted Kil’jaeden in Sunwell or Heroic Mimiron in Ulduar. The way KJ emerged gave a somewhat standard fight a much more epic feel to it. As for Mimiron, pushing the big red button just gave it that extra oompf. It helped set the tone for the encounter where you were battling a huge robot. Don’t get me wrong, Dragon Soul could have had this same epic feel. There’s the Dragon who’s stronger than all other dragons. He’s so big that you fight him twice. Once on his back and then you get to fight 4 of his fingers. Come on. His fingers? In a battle to the death versus  the Aspect of Death himself, we only battle his fingers? MpP has the potential to be great where we’ll battle the embodiment of fear, a mogu emperor, and the grand empress of the bugs but it’ll all depend on execution.

No Time For Anything

Lately the guild has been primarily focused on MOP preparations so that we’re ready to run this tuesday, which is good and all, but the real problem is that a bunch of great games have been released and there is simply no time to play them. In the past week alone, there was the release of Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2. As fun as both games are, and as much as I like Rammy TKing our Borderlands 2 group by lighting us on fire, we’re days before progression and we need to make sure we’re as ready as possible. The real rub though is that even more great games will be released soon. Natural Selection 2 and Company of Heroes 2 are just a couple of examples. It also doesn’t help that I’m starting to get hooked on Diablo 3 again. Not going to lie, but I feel bad that I’m not paragon 100 yet. Maybe it’s the hardcore gamer in me speaking.

The bright side of it all though is the guild itself. As boring as it is to level gathering professions on an alt, it’s guild chats like this that make it more than bearable:

Final Thoughts

These are exciting times in vodka right now. It’s interesting to see how people mentally prepare themselves for big events. I had a college roommate who would play 2 hours of counterstrike before big exams. He said that it relaxes him. If you’re interested in a guild with high standards of play, check us out at (Twitter: and Facebook: Our sponsorship with Razer is no fluke; the standards of excellence in both vodka and Razer makes it a perfect match. We also have more and exciting plans that I can’t speak about yet so stay tuned!

Thanks goes out to Stormbornz and Eviljoe, respectively, for these music recommendations:

  1. Koilie's avatar
    Koilie 2012-09-24 19:52:44 UTC — You da best mang!
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    Sanctuaryu 2012-09-24 02:50:04 UTC — But.. you promised to write your thoughts on healers in MoP :<
  3. Luumisaurus's avatar
    Luumisaurus 2012-09-24 02:48:36 UTC — Depending on how the final balancing and tweaks turn out, spirit kings might be the hardest for the first raid.
  4. taiedissan's avatar
    taiedissan 2012-09-23 20:51:03 UTC — who do you think the hardest boss will be?