Manaflask Article

Nihilum Guild Wars 2 Launch Event on Manaflask

The head-start of Guild Wars 2 is coming closer, enabling all players who have pre-purchased the game to start playing on the 25th of August 2012 instead of the 28th.

Kungen is one of the guys that pre-purchased the game and he is getting ready to rumble with his Human Warrior. Of course, we couldn't say no when were asked to hold a launch event since the last beta event with Kungen and Manaflask was very well received.

Join the fun and apply to Nihilum GW2

Kungen is serious! He will start his stream at 5:00 AM CEST on August 25 and will start playing as soon as the servers are online. Aside from that he's also seeking extremely passionate and experienced MMO players to found Nihilum GW 2 and hopefully bring it to #1 in GW2 like he did with Nihilum WoW.
For more information on how to apply to Nihilum GW2, head over to their Twitch TV channel.

Win Monster in-ear headphones

Of course we'll once again have some really cool gear to be given away to two lucky winners! This time, Monster was kind enough to support this great event, giving away two N-ERGY in-ear headphones for ultimate mobile music listening pleasure. Head over to Monster EU's Facebook Page, like it and give the guys some love.

How can I win?

We'll be giving away the first N-ERGY in-ear headphone set to one of KungenTV's Twitch channel subscribers.
The second one can be won even more easily: Just write a comment in this news post about why you should win - Kungen will draw the winner during the stream and will send him a PM on

Wow that was a lot! Wrap it up please

When: August 25, 2012. The stream will be online at 5:00 AM CEST and Kungen will be playing as soon as the servers are up.
Where: KungenTV
How to win: Either subscribe to KungenTV's Twitch channel, and/or post a comment here on why you should win the in-ears.

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    RecoMaster 2012-08-25 14:15:45 UTC — I'm not saying i should but i deserve to win. I worked so hard for that game, spent so much time on translations for my community.
  9. Asyl's avatar
    Asyl 2012-08-25 14:13:25 UTC — I don't deserve it. I'm here though.