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World of Mapcraft: A Google Maps Version of Azeroth

If you've ever wanted to get a proper birds-eye view of Azeroth and then zoom in to your favorite questing spot or hangout you're in luck! Cal Henderson, with the help of the Google Maps API, recreated the entirety of World of Warcraft - including raids, dungeons and Outland on his site. This World of Mapcraft is a fun project and works great, it really gives Azeroth a more real world feeling.

You can check the site out here and revisit some of your old favorite spots (no, not Org bank roof, it's GONE, deal with it).

For those of you that might be interested in the technical side of things and how me managed to do it, the author posted a very in-depth explanation of his process here.

  1. Thresh's avatar
    Thresh 2012-08-20 20:48:26 UTC — Love the detail on the zoomed in shots tbh, a bit pointless but still cool none the less :)