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Hardcore World First! Kripparrian Downs Diablo - Update: Videos!

Here are videos from both PoVs of the entire Diablo hardcore Inferno kill:

It seems Bashiok was speaking too soon; when he actually got a hold of some facts he tweeted this:

My apologies Kripp and Krippi, looks like you were 1st HC Inferno clear. (my spreadsheet deciphering isn't what it used to be) Congrats!

So there you have it, approved and confirmed by Blizzard, Kripparrian and Krippi got the World First Hardcore Diablo kill and clear! Repeated congratulations!


Earlier today, Kripparrian managed to down Diablo on Hardcore. He's the first one to come out and say publically so and so there was a lot of speculation on whether it was a World First or not, but Bashiok tweeted that that might not be the case:

"People think that was the first HC Inferno clear? Weird. Webcams r 2 legit 2 quit. hay HAY"
"We don't publicly announce/recognize world firsts. I'm just surprised that was the first one that was publicized."
"Could be! It's an accomplishment regardless of if it's the first. I was honestly surprised no one else stepped forward."

With the specific nature of Diablo 3's quest and act setup it's been pointed out that perhaps these other people didn't come forward because of skipping acts with bugs or just joining another's game etc., but Bashiok seems certain that it was cleared on Hardcore before. Regardless of all that it is still a huge accomplishment and we heartily congratulate Kripparrian on it.

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