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Kun-Lai Summit Video Preview by Sheya

Kun-Lai summit is an off limits area in the beta for now, but our very own Dr. Wuky/Sheya managed to circumvent the No man's land debuff and sneak into the zone to get a nice preview of one of the later zones. The Summit holds the biggest mountain in WoW so far, is the northernmost zone and has 2 climates: lowland plains - overrun by Yaungol, and mountanous areas. The Shado-pan Pandaren clan live there and they're the most elite warriors of Pandaria. They're also one of the factions that deal with the Sha and they focus not to succumb to negative emotions. The zone also holds the Shado-pan Monastery, one of the many dungeons coming in MoP.

And if you want some more Sheya previews, here's one of his earlier videos checking out the northwest island off of Pandaria's coast:

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