Manaflask Article

Dragon Soul Difficulty Decrease Impact

MMO Champion has done an analysis of the impact of the recent changes to Dragon Soul, namely the January 31st 5% nerf to the instance as well as the 15% reduction in Tendon HP on the Spine encounter. Their sample size is around 5.6 million characters, but many of those could be alts so it's not an exact statistic. Head on over and check out the article for further analysis.

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    Starym 2012-02-22 17:16:08 UTC — There was some problem with that pic on google images, I think it only exists as a thumbnail there. Just google Deathwing and look through em.
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    Mionepony 2012-02-22 17:12:15 UTC — rofl, the deathwing picture thumbnail cracked me up

    Do you happen to have any larger version (starym, or anyone else?) Pretty please :D