About Manaflask

Manaflask is a World of Warcraft focused internet gaming portal dedicated to bringing premium content and community events presented in both English and German created by top teams and individuals. The long-term vision is to create a portal focused on sharing free premium content and personalized interactivity with games, by way of unique tools and gadgets.

Manaflask is fueled by the old school nature of MMO gaming where people stuck together, did nothing but discuss all aspects of a game and helped each other.

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  • Hans

    Hans Christian Dürr

    (liQ) Marketing & Operations
  • Mark2

    Mark Laursen

    (Nessaj) Product Development

Development & Design

  • Joakim

    Joakim Runeberg

    (eoy) Design & Development
  • Peter

    Peter Sergeev

    (ifeya) Development


  • Unknown

    Mladen Damaška

    (Starym) Content Lead
  • Unknown

    Goran Petrusic

    (Buzzkill) English Audiocontent

Hall of Fame

  • Martin

    Martin Sebastian

    (Naylani) Design & Development
  • Dennis

    Dennis Kotch

    (deko-) Design & Development
  • Kerrag

    Jens Taubert

    (Kerrag) Video Content