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Lost and Found: Some New Exploration in MoP

It seems Blizzard are really stepping up the exploration aspects of WoW in Pandaria, with the already known rare spawns dropping unique items and now this new Lost and Found achievement. It's basically a treasure hunt with items strewn across the landscape that you have to find, just lying there waiting to be picked up. And it's not just random vanity and "fun" stuff either, there are unique weapon models for transmog as well. It really does seem to be a good time to explore, moreso than in any previous expansion and, as exploration is one of my personal favorite aspects on any MMO, it's definitely good news for me!

Here's some of the stuff you can find out in the wilderness, and check out Wowhead's extensive preview of the items and where to find them.

  • BoA rare weapons--some with unique models for transmog.
  • Fun recipes including Four Senses Brew that gives the illusion that your character is wearing a red Cursed Vision of Sargeras (casters rejoice!)
  • Vendor trash like Ancient Pandaren Woodcutter with joking flavor text.
  • Useful profession perks like Ancient Pandaren Fishing Lure.
  • BoP rares, usually looted from a chest.
  • Items are still being added--there were several in the most recent patch--so right now not every object listed below has a location or matching item.

  1. Skeeb's avatar
    Skeeb 2012-09-11 18:11:32 UTC — Seems really neat. Will the items spawn in a random location or will they simply respawn in a set location?