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Luumis Served Vodka: Diablo 3 Aftermath

It has been a little over a week since Diablo 3 was finally released, and boy has it been a roller coaster ride. As I mentioned before, vodka had a few groups of hardcore players who wanted to cruise through all of Diablo 3’s content as quickly as possible while having fun. Team Adam/Rammy/Stormbornz/Matt and Team Grafarion/Rabz/Tatix/Luumis were both able to clear Diablo on Inferno within the first week of release. Nykez of Team nolife was among the first few groups in the world to clear all of Inferno, and I was able to grab him for a quick interview.

Thanks a lot for taking a break from slaying hellspawn Nykez, could you give us an introduction of yourself and team nolife?

Nykez: Well I'm Nykez and I play a balance druid for vodka. I played a monk for team nolife during our progression race and was invited to the team by Kripparrian who I met during my time in the wow guild Exodus.

How did the progression race go for you guys? How did you feel your team played? What would you have changed?

Nykez: I think it went pretty well for us. We are a little disappointed we weren't able to get the world first kill but as far as we know we were the first team to clear all bosses and the group to do it the fastest. If we were to change anything it probably would have been to put less time into farming during the progression race. Most of the time spent ended up being useless and in the end all you really needed to do is get to the bosses and develop some cheesy strategy for it.

Could you give an example of a cheesy strategy you guys employed?

Nykez: Well for every boss resurrecting people somehow was part of the strategy and I find that to be pretty cheesy.  But I think the most awkward strategy we had was on Rakanoth.  It took us somewhere around 2 hours to kill the boss because we had a mage soloing him off to the side of the platform while we controlled the 2 adds on the fight with the other 3 members of our group.

Have you played any other Diablo games? How many hours have you put into D3, and what is your opinion of the game as a whole?

Nykez: I never played the other diablo games so I came into Diablo 3 with an open mind to everything. Even though I have now put in around 120 hours and have 3 60 characters I have to say overall I am very disappointed with this game. Maybe I just have different standards, or interests, but the lack of ability to do certain things, and the abundance of mechanics that can be cheesed or exploited has left much to be desired. Blizzard has a good reputation so I do hold some hope that things might get fixed, but I have to wonder why this wasn't tested as much as it needed to be to, and is it too late to fix it?

What are you plans for D3?

Nykez: Right now I think my plan is to finish leveling a 60 of each class and then trying to make a decision on which I want to attempt hardcore mode with.

What are Team nolife's plans?

Nykez: Team nolife's plans are still to be determined.  We expected content to be a little more difficult, or at least the bosses, and planned on 2 weeks of playtime.  Obviously we destroyed this estimate so we are still discussing what we want to do next. Maybe we will consider doing hardcore as a team down the road but like I said it's still to be determined.

Thanks a lot buddy for taking the time for an interview! Any final shoutouts or things you want to mention?

Nykez: My pleasure. Shoutout to my bros in vodka which I haven't had the opportunity to hang out with as much during this Diablo stuff and shoutout to my girl Maggie.

Finally here are some end of blog notes/comments. I know I promised a WoW related blog, things will return to their normal content next installment. I still have our role-reversal raid to fill you in on and about vodka’s adventures in beta-MoP-land. Stay tuned!