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Competition: Play with Paragon in Firelands

DREAM Paragon are setting up another of their competitions where you can win a chance to raid with them in Firelands. Not only do you get to play with some of the best players in the world, you also get to pick any loot you want!

After their dissapointing 3rd place finish in the Dragon Soul challenge this past weekend, they've decided to take in some idea as to why it went wrong. And sharing those thoughts will get you a chance to play with them, but I'll let Xenophics explain:

Help us! Even after all the preparation for the speed run we didn't score the number one spot. We have some ideas of why we came some 30 seconds late, but as always we know that community knows better what happened than we do! So we decided to ask for YOUR help to give us hints to become better players at speed runs.
You think Fragi screamed too little? We didn't eat enough chocolate the day before? Maybe Deva ruined it because he had his shirt on for the whole time? Head to our Facebook page and comment on the "Help us!" post with your idea of what we could have done better. We'll choose a winner randomly from everyone that answered, and he/she'll be awarded with a Firelands boost run of his/her dreams. The run will be on Saturday the 19th and we'll let the winner know the exact time. The competition closes on Wednesday 16th at 9pm GMT.
Requirements to join:
  • Level 85
  • Horde
  • Character on EU servers

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